Goals and Perspectives

 Goals and Perspectives
1. Identifying the historical texture of Tehran

2. Attempting to revive the traditional and Islamic architecture in Tehran

3. Planning Educational Courses and policy making as well as equipping beautification departments in districts of Tehran Municipality

4.Planning special programs to mark religious and national festival and celebrations in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and other related organizations

5.Studying, reviewing and designing the façade of urban buildings in accordance with Islamic and traditional Iranian culture.

6. Designing and building urban signs, plaques of houses, streets, highways as well building shelters for bus stops.

7. Designing water fountains and advertisement panels as well as all booths to be installed in the city including telephone booths, post boxes,… garbage cans, vases,…

8. Studying and choosing proper colors for means public transportation

9. Designing and building equipment for children playgrounds

10. Setting standards for the signs of commercial and public places

11. Carrying out interior designing projects for government and public departments

12. Designing urban furniture for public spaces

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