How Amir Kabir came to Iran?

Amir Kabir as an influential and inspiring figure in the social and political history and Abol Hassan Khan Seddighi as a great artist who was the real pioneer in sculpture in Iran, are both two important historical and cultural figures in this country.

Erecting the statue of Amir Kabir sculpted by Master Seddighi has made this opportunity to notice the importance and significance of these two historical figures of Iran. That how the statue of Amir Kabir came to Tehran after 33 years and was erected in the middle of the tall trees in Tehran Mellat Park, is a very interesting story which is worth being heard from Master Seddighi’s son.

Fereydun Seddighi is a sculptor as well and he has taken after his father and appreciates the works inherited from his Master.

About how to create the great and unforgettable statue of Amir Kabir in a workshop in Italy, Fereydun Seddighi says:

After my father graduated in painting and sculpture major from Paris Art School in 1312, he came to Tehran at once. After marriage, he restarted the school of industry. In doing this, there were some other people helped and cooperated with him, like, Esma’eel Ashtiyani and other students of Mr.Kamal-Ol-Molk.In the meantime, the temporary government was holding a millennium ceremony for Ferdowsi. Late Esma’eel Merat who was the Art and Culture minister at the time has asked my father to make two sculptures, one, Ferdowsi sitting on a bird’s wings and the other was a bust of Ferdowsi.

My father really loved Ferdowsi and did his best in his works and he has really created unique sculptures. But unfortunately both these works had an unpleasant fate due to ignorance. The great sculpture of Ferdowsi was destroyed and broken into piece and the best was removed off its main place and erected in another place but it didn’t have its original identity any more.

After creating these two wonderful works my father was order to sculpture another statue of Amir Kabir and its reason was restating Dar-Ol-Fonun school.

It was supposed to have some courses to be taught in this school.

As my father has special respect for Amir-Kabir, he eagerly accepted that and finished it completely by plaster .At that time, there were no frame making facilities, and there was only a workshop related to Ghur- Khaneh in which military things(tools) like artillery were being made. And that’s why my father made it with plaster and put it up in the school. Some years later (around 1350, solar or 1972) After staying out of the country for a while , he came to Tehran for some months. At that time, general Agh- Vali, was the head of national art works association, After he found that my father is back to Iran, arranged a meeting with him. He asked my father to repair some damage happened to the statue of Amir_Kabir.

My father went to Dar-Ol-Fonun to see what the damage (problems) are when. He saw that first. There was such non-professional coloring of the statue that he got so angry and said, 'Its cant be repair, smash it'

Fortunately no one listening to what my father said and the statue remained the same until 1385(2007) that I started to repair it and I suppose that I've done the job well.

Then general Agh-Vali ,asked my father to sculpture the statue of a political man in order to replace that sculpture and make my father a bit happy –as well .

But he had ordered to make it with ''Karara” stone with which my father disagreed, because he said there is no reason to use such material.

Finally, he persuaded them to used bronze and started working in a bronze-making workshop with an artist named LorenzoMikulchi. The workshop was located in an area around Florence called ’’Mont Kaeeni” and the Sculpture was completed there but there was a problem to bring it to the country.

One of the main reasons in not bringing it back could be the revolution of 1357(1979). My Sister, Nushin Dokht, was my father’s attorney in this issue and did her best to bring it back but she didn’t succeed.

After a while, my father came back to Iran with no results and started negotiating but it didn’t work.

Fortunately, Mikulchi who was a close friendof myfather understood my father and tried to cheer him up. He promised to put the 5 or 6 pieces of the sculpture together and put it up in a square. He even said that he'd do his best to name the square, Amir-Kabir.


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