“Many Iranian Artists Owe Their Achievements to Petgar”

The 37th art research meeting was held at Kamalolmolk School Museum at Bagh-e-Negarestan on Tuesday.

The meeting was aimed at honoring prominent Iranian artist Ali Asghar Petgar.

Renowned Iranian artists including Dr. Hazavehei, and Dariush Kiaras gave speeches on the artistic works created by Petgar.

Dariush Kiras described Petgar as one of the followers of Kamalolmolk school who adopted a modern attitude and maintained Iranian culture in his works.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hazavehei said Petgar’s works are replete with excitement and positive energy. He also described Petgar’s works as unique and one-of-the-kind.

Another prominent Iranian artist Mr. Mashhadizadeh said many Iranian artists owe a lot to Petgar as he played a major role in training painters such as Behjat Sadr, Gregorian, and …

Works created by the prominent Iranian painter were also put on display at Kamalolmolk School Museum.

Ali Asghar Petgar was born in 1913 in the northwestern Iranian city of Tab r i z

Ali Asghar and his younger brother, Jafar , gradually learned about the color and design and demonstrated great ability and talent in painting.

He began learning painting from the master painter,Mir Mosavar Arjangi an eminent painter from Tabriz. Ali Asghar and his brother set out forTehran in between 1932-34, to continue their studies in the School of Fine Arts.

Ali Asghar ’s presence in Tehran was at the time that Kamal-ol-Molk ’s style of painting was at its peak.

Ali Asghar established the first private painting class in 1940 in Tehran.

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