Selected Works of Wall Painting Biennial on the Walls of Tehran

Managing Director of Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization Sayyed Mohammad Javad Shoushtari says the TBO will use the selected works created by Iranian artists at the 2nd Tehran Wall Painting Biennial to beautify the walls of the Iranian capital.

Shoushtari said the plan comes as part of efforts to support Iranian artists.

“Hills of My Land” created by Mahdi Qadiyanloo, “Memory of Martyrs” created by Leila Habibi and “Return” created by Leila Delphan are the artistic works to be used in Tehran.

The 2nd edition of Tehran Wall Painting Biennial was held back in May.

It included four sections: Competition and Exhibition (designing wall paintings for Tehran city), Competition and Workshop (ornamental and traditional architecture), Workshop and Exhibition of 3-D and Graphic Works, and Research and Scientific-Specific Conference.

Tehran Wall Painting Biennial was held at Iranian Artist Forum. It was aimed at discovering artistic creativity and promoting quality of art through healthy competition, interaction and collaboration among artists.


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