“Reviving Memory of Martyrs Responsibility of Officials”

Officials from Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization have met with the family members of martyr Mohammad Reza Moradi, one of the combatants who were martyred during 8 years of imposed war by the former Iraqi regime on Iran.

Senior Advisor to TBO Managing Director Issa Alizadeh and Yasser Garivani, the Director of the Public Relations Departments of Tehran Beautification Organization, were among the officials who met with Martyr Moradi’s family on Sunday.

During the visit, Martyr Moradi’s wife described faith in God and Day of Judgment as the main cause behind martyrs sacrifices in the war fronts.

Meanwhile, Senior Adviser to TBO Managing Director Issa Alizadeh said the status of families of martyrs should be respected in the society as they are the honor of the Iranian nation. Alizadeh also said reviving the memory of the martyrs is one of the key responsibilities of Iranian officials.

The visit came during Sacred Defense Week, an annual event to commemorate the heroic resistance of the Iranian fighters against the military invasion by ousted Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein, who was supported by major Western powers including the United States.

Thousands of Iranian youths were martyred during the war. Now, 25 years on, Iranians mark the sacred defense by holding special ceremonies across the country.

Sacred Defense Week is a seven day annual event marking the 8-year defense of the Iranian nation against former Iraqi regime’s invasion.

Last modified on Wednesday, 25 September 2013 01:30

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