Kamalolmolk Works Reflect Identity of Tehran

Member of Tehran City Council Ahmad Masjed Jamei believes the artistic works created by renowned Iranian artist Kamalolmolk are part of Tehran's identity as they depict the quality of the past life.


"Kamalolmolk applied realistic style in his works and some of his outstanding works reflect the form and spirit of Tehran. His paintings which depict the northern mountains in Tehran, Jewish Vicinity, and Golestan Palace, are indeed considered as part of Tehran city cultural heritage which need to be discovered and studied.


Masjed jaamei also said the establishment of Kamalolmolk Museum can pave the way for collecting more works created by the prominent Iranian artist and his pupils.


Dr. Masjed Jaamei also referred to the historical importance of Bagh-e-Negarestan, where Kamalolmolk Museum has been established and described it as a cultural and historical legacy for the city.


Tehran City Councilor also praised the cultural and artistic activities carried out by Tehran Municipality's Beautification Organization in recent years and said the projects performed by TBO indicate its commitment to promotion of art and culture in the Iranian society.


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