First Visual Arts Workshop - Norouz 99

First Visual Arts Workshop on Norouz 99


Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh ; The deputy of Social and Cultural Affairs of tehran municipality said : One of the fastest and most influential media outlets in Tehran is urban advertising, as people across the city watch it, so I find such workshops to be very effective in creating artwork.

Zahra Behrouz Azar ; supervisor of Women Affairs of Tehran Municipality visiting the Nowruz Cultural Workshop 99 said : Holding a Visual Arts Workshop demonstrates Tehran's slogan " A city for everyone "
Onish Amin allahi ; Master in Graphic Arts said : Holding a Visual Arts Workshop is a step towards success in environmental advertising .
Mohammad Ali Qorbani ; Master in calligraphy Arts said : Although the calligraphers are very professional, no one has yet discovered their skill. Fortunately, this workshop has provided a good opportunity to show these calligraphers' skills.

Farzad Adibi ; Master in Graphic Arts said : The Visual Arts Workshop is very specialized and comprehensive .

Hussein Esmati; master in illumination art and painting said :Holding different workshops enhances artist motivation / supporting artists enhances quantity and quality of art work .

Kamal Tabatabaei , master in illustration, said :The impact of beautification organization's proceedings at the city is enormous and many of it's projects have become a public demand today.
Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai; Master in caricature and cartoon art said : There will be shown good art works in Tehran this year in Nowruz / I hope to see visual arts in all over Iran

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