"Ayenehdare Doran Award" ceremony

The statue of the professor Bastani Parizi was unveiled and installed at the University of Tehran ,


On December 25, the "Ayenehdare Doran Award" ceremony was held at 15:30 pm at the University of Tehran,This year the ceremony was dedicated to the veneration of the professor Bastani Parizi .

Sayed Abbas Do'aee, director of the "َAyenehdare Doran Award" ceremony, said: "The 25th of December , coincide with the birthday of Professor Mohammad Ibrahim Bastani Parizi, Winners of First "َAyenehdare Doran Award" ceremony will be presented at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities' Iqbal Hall .

Naser Takmil Homayoun ; The Iranian Historian and Sociologist Said: Art of Historiography of the professor Bastani Parizi has the highest grade in Iran .

Hamid Bastani Parizi ; The professor Bastani Parizi's son said: "Artists should pay close attention to contemporary literary and historical works.

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