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Tehran beautification organization attended the third Tehran smart exhibition for Achieving technological needs

Director Manager of Tehran Beautification Organization said the aim of attending the 3rd Tehran Smart Exhibition was to demonstrate the importance of information technology achievements and technological needs of Tehran Beautification Organization.


According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Barzin Zarqami pointed to the important achievements of Tehran Beautification Organization's IT field:
In this section of Tehran guild boards management system, publishing WC toilets information to "" and Tehran Map App (Raya), beautification system and publishing technology books, using real estate planning information, sending letters through Office automation services, property and location audit information, mobile use for auditing, with this system important urban elements including pedestrian bridges, volumes, wall paintings, fountains, etc. can be viewed and the information could be editable.
Service Design Thinking, GIS for Landscape Architects and Connected Sustainable Cities, he said: Launching pedestrian escalator monitoring system, provision of mechanized pedestrian escalator maintenance software, equip pedestrian escalator to energy storage system, wood technology Finnish thermo, pedestrian and parking lamps, children's playground granular flooring, identification tags for highway lighting, lighting and lighting monitoring software, new children's playground equipment, professional video display projectors, electronic column guides and use of lifts and climbers including corporate objectives in this exhibition.