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9th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium Opened / Reviving Sculpture history and Criticize the Artworks in the City

The 9th Tehran Sculpture Symposium opened on November 2 at Nowruz Garden, and emphasized the revival of this art's tradition in Iran.


According Tehran Beautification Organization's PR , The 9th Tehran International Sculpture Symposium , November 2, with the participation of Mohammad Javad Haghshenas, Head of the Cultural and Social Commission of Tehran Islamic Council , Dr. Barzin Zarqami, "Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization," , Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Hejazi "Managing Director of Abbas Abad Renovation Company", Majid Rajabi Memar, Managing Director of Iranian Artists Forum and a group of interior and exterior sculpture artists, began in Tehran's Nowruz Garden.
Mousavi presented a report on the artists' presence at the symposium: "During this period, 406 people were generally enrolled in various sections, including 180 foreigners, and we host 10 of them, and in the Iranian artists section We host 5 artists. There were 30 students enrolled in the student section, which hosts10 students in the course, and 15 attend as assistant.
At the end of his remarks, the secretary of the 9th Tehran Sculpture Symposium said :"The final product of this symposium will be organiz as a statue garden in Abbasabad tourist area.