The director of Tehran Beautification Organization announced:

"Tehran Museum City" is an ID for the Capital

Dr. Barzin Zarghami said: At the beginning of Tehran week, graphic designs titled "Tehran Museum City" have been released in which Sightseeing Attractions in tehran ,have been introduced for tourists and citizens


According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Zarghami continued: Ali Asghar Khan Atabak Mansion, Sorkheh Hesar Palace, Sepah Salar garden, Anooshirvan Dadgar School, Ein al-Dowleh Mansion, Imam Zadeh Yahya and Mohammad, the statue of Garshaseb With the dragon in Hor Square, the Islamic Parliament building and the National Assembly building are some of the places that have been thoroughly introduced and their addresses announced for easier access.

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