Managing Director of tehran beautification organization

A call to build the statue of the "Shire Khoda" was released

Tehran Beautification Organization has issued a call for designing Shire Khoda's statue , along the organization's targets and honoring the status of ancient sports, and honoring the dignity of athletes .


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Dr. Barzin Zargami announced: The deadline for submitting works for this art event is October 15, and said: "Artists who wish to participate in this call must submit a bulk copy and registration form to the Secretariat by October 15 to be able to participate in the call".
Director of Beautification Organization of Tehran on how to judge the works sent to the Secretariat of this call said: The works are submitted by the specialized council of voluminous works of the beautification organization and the selected project, after surveying process, is priced and after final agreement with the artist and funding Required credits will be purchased.

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