On Rudaki Cultural Area

• Abolfath Shadmehri ,The manager of the city's monuments said:We have made every effort to obtain a registration certificate for the 120 monuments in the Rudaki Cultural Area and then to have the necessary interventions.

• Dr Eskandar Mokhtari , Rudaki Cultural Zone Governing Council Member said v: Development of Rudaki Cultural Area would be Culture-Based

• Hossein Bidokhti , Director General of Development of Handicrafts and Tourism at the Cultural Heritage Organizationsaid that Nejatollahi Street is considered to be one of the most artistic streets in Tehran through numerous handicraft shops, said: On World Craft Day, The Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization, with the help of the Islamic Council of Tehran and the municipality of Tehran, named Nejatollahi Street a symbol of handicrafts ,hoping that this would be an excuse to start a craft boom.

• Dr.Skander Mokhtari , Member of the Rudaki Cultural Zone Steering Committee said: Shahriar Street becomes a cultural walk

• Iraj Rad Veteran in cinema ,Theater and Performance: The Rudaki Zone will have a significant impact on the development of culture

• Dr. Nasrollah Abadian, Mayor of Tehran's District 11 said :"I believe it has been more than 24 months since the Rudaki area has begun its work and people and those who follow the culture have realized that here is where they can invest.

• Alireza Aghaei, Managing Director of Cultural Space Development Company: People Must Participate in Rudaki Area Development .

• Dr. Barzin Zargami, Managing Director of Beautification Organization said : The project manager of the Rudaki zone mega project has been identified and its Civil Operations is planned to be

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