On Fourth Festival of Dayereh Khalaq

• The Fourth Festival of Dayereh Khalaq , To meet the goals of capital metropolis of Tehran and Applying new ideas has been hold for the 4th consecutive year in three sections of the competition, scientific meetings and workshops and side exhibitions of art works

• At a meeting of the 4th National Festival of Creative Circle Dr Chopankare industrial designer, said: "Good work has been done in previous times and the Wide range of participants in this national festival is a big pleasure .Training is a Positive point of the Dayere Khalaq festival .

• Dr Yasser Jafari, Technical Vice President of Urban and Beautification of Tehran, said at the Dayere Khalaq Festival meeting: "The mechanism of the festival needs to be changed.

• Dr. Naeini ,an industrial designer at the festival's summit of Dayereh Khalaq said : "The festival should not stay at the level of competition.

• Abbas Eftekhari, a member of the faculty of the Art University, referring to the holding of the National Dayereh Khalaq Festival over the past years, said: "It is planned to bring professionals as financial and working sponsors to provide opportunities for participants to achieve higher quality in makeing the designed works .

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