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Iran Calligraphers Association

Deputy of Iran Calligraphers Association :The youth need to choose a right life pattern
introducing proper art and cultural harbinger to the youth ,will made those who want to enter the field of culture and art a proper way to pass .

Esrafil Shirchi, a calligrapher and promoter of Iranian noble arts: We all need an harbinger

Elaheh Khatami Official Tutor of the Iranian Calligraphers Society : Transfering of art from past to present is the mission of trustee organizations
Yasser Jafari, Technical Deputy of Tehran Beautification Organization : Turning the fouladvand house into a calligraphy museum has been a Right decision

Gholam Reza Sepehri, manager of Tehran Calligraphy Society: we should pay more attention to the Calligraphy artists .

Barzin Zarqami, manageing director of Tehran Beautification Organization, said collaborating the calligraphy museum, with the professors of this art, could become a platform for developing the calligraphy art.
Mohsen Hashemi, head of the Tehran City Council, announced that naming the streets by name of calligraphy masters' name will help preserving and publishing this art.