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Ali Nasirian Said : Seeing this statue made me excited

Ali Nasirian, after visiting Iranian Elites second sculpting symposium (for Contemporary Artists), said: unfortunately in Iran they do not pay tribute to the Elites and Artists as much as It worth , We must pay attention to artists, writers and poets during their lifetime and dont ignore them , Tehran Beautification organization has been glorifying the Artists and the Elites by holding the sculptural symposium .


According to the Public Relations Department of the Beautification Organization of Tehran, on Friday, July 5th, Ali Nasirian, an actress and Everlasting artist , whom has shown his face on TV screen for more than seven decades, visited the Iranian Elites second sculpting symposium in Ein Dowleh mansion.

Ali Nassirian ‎( born 4 February 1935) is an Iranian film and theater actor and director, who plays both character and leading roles. Nassirian whilst gaining experience in screen writing during 1955 to 1958, he was granted a scholarship for theatrical studies in the United States in 1962. Upon his return to Iran he started teaching theatre and screen writing as well as acting on stage. In 1957, he was employed by the Bureau of dramatic arts as an actor and director.

"It does not matter to me where to install my sculpture," Nassirian said. But such sculptures should be installed in places where artists and people are present, includingTeatre Shahr or Khane Honarmandan park.