In the 2nd Contemporary Iranian Elites Symposium:

Contemporary Iranian Elites Symposium


Ali Etebar ( young sculptor participating in the 2nd Contemporary Iranian Elites Symposium):sculpting Davood Rashidi's statue is a dream of any Sculptor.
Amir Ahmad Falsafi ( calligraphy master): We should not forget those who promote art
Ahmad Masjid Jamehei ( Tehran City Council’s member) : Today's society needs culture and art more than ever
Dr. Yousef Dehi, Iran Museum of Calligraphy's Director : We must be grateful to the artists and we must help the artist through the introduction of the artists and their works to our community.
Ali Shirazi ( Calligraphy master ): Master Salahshoor is a symbol of moral characteristics
Yadollah Kaboli, (Calligraphy master ): The contemporary writing owes to Salahshoor master’s writing
Aref Barati ( Executive Director of Iranian Calligraphy Society) : The ritual is one of the good plans that is taking place in the field of art of the country and giving the artist encouragement.

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