Criteria for photographing artifacts and architecture in the city

A specialized lawyer in the 6th Biennial of Tehran's Urban Sculptures said: Urban works and arts have a certain rights , so certain rules are set for photographing these works for natural and legal persons.


Samira Kaveh, referring to the photography of art and architecture works in urban space for re-publishing and reproduction, added: "The principle is that the re-publishing and re-circulation of an artwork in the city must be done with the owner's permission." But the rules of the judgments in the courts have provided a number of exceptions to this issue.
she continued: "The panoramic exception allows true people to take photographs of the city for themselves or to reproduce them without commercial use, but real people, including companies and institutions, can not take photographs unless they are allowed by the work owner.
Kaveh explained that the panoramic exception would create these conditions to protect property rights for the owner, and to prevent abuse through re-publishing and reproduction.

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