Beautification Organization of Tehran,

Invitation to designers and lighting designers has been published on event of Qurban and Ghadire Khom

Tehran Beautification Organization , due to Eid Sa'id Qurban and Eid Sa'id Ghadir Khom, announced the invitation to the artists in order to display appropriate lighting designs for these events .


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Tehran Beautification Organization , the organization intends to invite designers and lighting Designers on events of Qurban and Ghadir.
To this end, all enthusiasts in this field are invited to submit their plans and suggestions in printed Frames in 50x70 cm form and compact discs, including a picture file and a full description of their proposed project and send to 7Tir Square , Shahid Mofateh St.south
, Shahid Shiroudi Street, Tehran Beautifying Organization, Third Floor, Deputy Director of Engineering and Urban Design.

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