Judgment result of the "Artistic range of paint on the walls of Tehran" recall was issued

Judgment result of the "Artistic range of paint on the walls of Tehran" recall was issued


According to the public relations and international affairs of Tehran beautification organization upon the completion of arbitration sessions on April 24, 2019, at Ein aldoleh Mansion, the panel reviewed 301 drafts submitted by 133 participants taking into account the artistic and innovative factor , they selected 22 designs from 22 artists to be performed at specified location

It should be noted that according to the decision of the jury, considering the necessity of change and edit on a number of the designs and works, their implementation will be done after the placement of each project by the artists, under the supervision of the art director and supervisor of the designs for the considered sites .

Also It will be said that the scheduling of editing sessions will be announced subsequently, and artists will be required to attend timetable according to schedule, and the absence of the artist in these meetings will be a departure from the implementation of the project.

22 names of selected artists are as follows :    

Num Name Family Name
1 Ali Eskandari
2 Sana Osanlou
3 Malihe Bakhshian
4 Kiarash BiabaniHamedani
5 Somayeh Chegini
6 Narges Delavari
7 Malihe Ramezan Zadeh Lak
8 Hoda Shaker
9 Ali Shafi Abadi
10 Erfan Shahyad
11 Zahra Safi Abadi
12 Ali Akbar Amoozad Khalili
13 Nastaran Anbari
14 Mohamad Motevali
15 Asqar Mohamad Salehi
16 Firuzeh Mohamadzadeh
17 Mahmood Mohamadi
18 Amir Maftoon
19 Mahin Momeni Vesalian
20 Motahareh Mirzayi
21 Fazele Miryaqubzadeh
22 Maryam Nedayi
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