Nasr Theater

Ali Ataa, Head of Urban Architecture and Urban Planning Committee: We need cultural hangouts for dialogue.
Shadmehr Rastin Director of the Festival Club: Linkage must be established
Bazin Zarghami, Director of the Beautification Organization of Tehran: The Nasr Theater Heritage is the back up for the country's theater.
Pirooz Hanachi,Tehran Mayor : Preparation of suitable spaces for cultural events Cultural events are taken serious by the municipality.
Dr. Eskandar Mokhtari Taleghani, head of the scientific committee " History of Architecture and Urban Planning Congress in Tehran Province", said about the theater of Nasr: Historical memory valued buildings
Mohammad Reza Doroodi, Secretary of the Tourism and Cultural Heritage Committee of Tehran's Islamic Council, Ray and Tajrish: Tourists will be atracted to Laleh Zar Street after reconstructing Nasr Theater / Laleh Zar Cinemas will be revive
Ali Ataa, head of Urban Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of Tehran City Council: City Council supports the revival of Laleh Zar Street. The reconstruction of Nasr Theater, the first step to reaching the old Lalehzar
Mohammad Ehteshamzadeh, film Producer : Recovering Historical Cultural Figures, Changes the Face of the City

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