Tehran Beautification Organization attended the Eighteenth environmental exhibition

Tehran Beautification Organization participated in the eighteenth environmental exhibition, in order to develop and enhance the environmental culture.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Tehran Beautification Organization; Mohammad Reza Tabesh, head of the environmental fraction and sustainable development of the islamic Parliament at the 18th International Environment Fair, said: "t is worth noting that we are witnessing the presence of environmental activists and companies are somehow connected to protecting and safeguarding Environment at the fair .

He added: "the exhibition this year , coincided with the destructive flood which has plunged the lives of many of our compatriots, hereby we declare solidarity with our compatriots who lost their lives in recent floods.

Tabesh said: this exhibition could be a good opportunity to address the issue of not paying attention to nature and the destruction of the environment and forests, and interrupted rivers and made the nature savage and cause these massive damage and waste .

The eighteenth International Exhibition of the Environment has been held for four days in the permanent exhibition of Tehran's International Exhibitions inan area of more than 18,000 m from April 24, 1398, Tehran Beautification Organization participated in the 35th Hall of the Exhibition to develop and enhance the environmental culture.

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