Ezzatollah Ramezanifar: Baharestan has had a good psychological effect among the citizens

Ezatollah Ramezani Fard, a veteran actor, believes that the annual Baharestan urban art has had a good effect on the morale of the people, recently.


According to the public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification organization, Ezatollah Ramezanifar, an outstanding actor of cinema, theater and television said : the fourth annual Baharestan city art and its effects on the facade of the city, he continued : It has been seriously tracked on couse of Baharestan to beautify the smoked and gray sight of Tehran for many years and has had a great mental and psychological impact among the people.
This artistic event causes people to feel better during passing the beautiful streets in Nowruz , and I hope that it will be taken into consideration in future .
The actor emphasized the importance of emphasizing the presence of color in the city of Baharestan in 1998: the color itself, creates the happy spirit and vitality among people, also when it involves with art.it makes this feeling more durable and spiritually good.

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