Artists and experts' Opinions on Baharestan

1- Houshang Tavakoli (director and actor of theater ، cinema and television): Baharestan brought the subject of culture and art among the people.
2- Mojtaba Yazdani (Deputy Director of Urban Services of Tehran Municipality): Valiasr Nowruzgah will restore hilarity and happiness to the city / the life of the historic Valiasr street starts with Nowruzgah.
3- Mohsen Hashemi Rafsanjani (Head of Tehran City Council) I hope that such projects will continue throughout the year.
4- Zahra Nejadbahram (member of Tehran City Council) The deployment of sculptures helps improving the space city .
5- Habib Esmaeili (actor and producer of cinema): The record of the last decade activities of Tehran beautification organization is brilliant.
6- Rashid Vatan Doost (singer-songwriter): Artwork can be useful for the hearts and minds of the citizens
7- Mohammad Ali Keshavarz: The color of the visual effect has increased the works of Baharestan.
8- Hassan Khalil Abadi (member of Tehran City Council) Baharestan project has been specifically pursued at the Council's Cultural Commission.
9- Hagh Shenas( Director of the Cultural and Social Commission of Tehran City Council ) : The activities of the beautification organization have been effective in beautifying the appearence of the city
10- Mohsen Darsanj ( Cinema and Television make up artist ): Citizens Enjoy the Decoratin ofthe city by Artwork
11- Mahmoud Mirloohi (Member of Tehran City Council's Planning and Budget Commission) : Any planning and festival should be based on the needs of the city.
12- Saman Ehteshami (composer and musician): Baharestan has been welcomed by audiences .
13- Behrouz Baghaei (actor and director of cinema, theater and television): Baharestan has played a very important role in making the city more beautiful.
14- Aneh Mohammad Tatari (professional Contemporary painter): Baharestan connects people with thought and reason
15- Mehran Rajabi (Cinema and Television actor ): The theme of paint has doubled the annual attractions of Baharestan.
16- Parvaneh Masoumi (Actress of cinema and television ): Paying Attention to the color in the city makes people happy morale
17- Amir Ghaffaramanesh (actor and director of theater, cinema and television): Baharestan has established an outstanding level among citizens

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