The closing ceremony of the Ziban Festival is held

According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, this competition has been conducted in order to further acquaint people with the beauties of Tehran from October 23 to December 6 and out of 6,100 photos submitted to the Secretariat of the contest, 1,209 photographs are owned to photographers and about 50% of them were taken by mobile and were non-professional works.
100 works of them were selected by the judges as superior works and screened on billboards of the city.Out of 100 art works ,after the final judgment, 10 works will be selected .
It should be mentioned the closing ceremony of this competition was held on March 13th from 14 to 16 pm ,attended by the Dr. Ahmad Masjed Jameee, "Tehran City Council's member ", Dr. Zarqami, "Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization", and Seifollah Samadian, Chairman of Directors' Board of Iranian Photographic Society, and referees of this competition was held.

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