Baharestan times 98 :

Tehran Light Festival will be held by Artists with the best ideas.

Tehran Beautification Organization co-hosts and celebrate the 4th annual Baharestan 98 Arts Festival and Tehran's Noor Festival at the same time on Monday, March 11th, in the National Park .


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, manager director of beautification organization, Dr. Barzin Zarqami, announced :the festival will be launched with the idea and design of selected artists and depict the role of Iranian elements.
Citizens can visit this nightly event all over Tehran's gardens . He added: "In this festivity, 28 designs were designed and implemented with optical equipment inspired by Iranian-Islamic themes and architecture, tribal tent, Taq Bostan, Chahar Taghi Niasar, Bismillah and Salavat Kofi, Jumper Goat , Urusius, Porch, Norgham, Illumination, Gabbeh, Haft Sin, Stone Lion and. ... is one of the most spectacular optical effects in Tehran's light festival

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