Dr. Barzin Zarqami:

Restoration of Laleh Zar (St) as the center of modern culture and art in the capital

Managing director of Tehran beautiful organization announced Restoration of Lalezar Street as the center of modern culture and art in the capital of Tehran.


According to Tehran beautiful organization , Zaraqami refer to Tehran's mayor's specific point of view on restoring the historical , cultural center of Lalezar in central part of Tehran city , added:
Fortunately, due to the special attention that Tehran mayor has to reconstruct the historical and cultural boundaries of Tehran, Meetings related to restoration and reconstruction issues of Lalezar Street had been convened at his office, attended by Director General of the mayor's office in Tehran, Deputy Minister of Urban Development and Architecture, the Supreme Council of Arts and District 12 Municipality .
Barzin Zarqami, referring to the history of Laleh Zar Street in the Old Tehran, emphasized: As you know, Lalezar Street is considered to be the center of modern art and culture in Tehran as well as being fashion center , which in the last century has witnessed a lot of cultural and artistic events. This area has been recorded in the history of the Tehran.
Director of Tehran beautification organization , noted: it can be said that Tehran's municipality's considered Laleh Zar Street as a heritage and historical perspective that has a deep conection with the culture and art of Tehran, especially in theater and cinema issue .

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