abandoned spaces will urbanized

15 useless urban spaces will be designed by 15 designers in 15, 16, 17 and 19 district of Tehran


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, at a joint meeting attended by technical and design department of Beautification organization and the designers of the projects, each of the designers raised issues related to the implementation process.
Yasser Jafari, Deputy Director of Urban Design and Technology of Tehran's Beautification Organization, said: "Derang gah projects and their designs are the result of continuous and numerous meetings which experts have been held on thinking and studying about all their aspects ."
He continued, "The project is a collaborative project that will be operationalized with the cooperation of citizens." we should act perfectly professional till we can do something more for Tehran at any occasion.
he said "We have been started with the minimum standards and we have to continue the flow of the architectural elite,"

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