People have a great communication with urban graphics / People's familiarity with art can be effective on promoting culture

Mohammad Reza Abdulali Master and member of Directors' Board of Urban Graphic Arts Competition in Spring 1398 said: "People have a great communication with the graphic designs on the billboards, the bridges' deck , and they can engage their minds for years .


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization , Mohammad Reza Abdul Ali, referring to the Karzar Urban Graphic Arts Workshop in Spring 1398, continued: "The workshop is so impressive for the production of urban graphics, and the result's of ideas and plans have been presented by the artists are very positive so far .
Referring to Tehran beautification organization's activities through the past 15 years , it have been able to make a positive difference to Tehran city , he also emphasized: the organization's activities in the field of sculpture, wall painting , urban graphics, and the sculpture symposium can be more appropriate for citizens's morale.
Abdul Ali said : when people are asked about an event, they have an archive of pictures in their minds that beautification organization were the founder of them, so I hope that the activities of the beautification organization will be continue.

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