Tehran City Council's Spokesman visited the Spring 98 Graphic Workshop “Karzar”

Ali Eta Tehran City Council's Spokesman and Barzin Zarqami Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization visited the Spring 98 Graphic Workshop “ Karzar”


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization of Tehran, The graphic design workshop has been launched inorder to provide Artworks for Spring 98 for 3 days since february 21 at Ein Aldowleh Mansion. In this regard, Barzin Zarghami, the director of Tehran Beautification Organization, Ali Eta, spokesman of Tehran's Islamic Council and Yasser Jafari, Deputy Director of Urban Design and Architecture, visited the workshop.
Karzar ,The Spring 1398 Urban Graphics , attended by 60 graphic artists from all around the country, have been held in order to prepare artworks for Norouz to screen on the cultural panel structures of Tehran.

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