The primery results of "Karzar " Urban Graphic Arts Call were announced

After selecting art works of which send to the Graphics and Illustration's field by artist members of the selection panel selected 61 artists to attend the three-day workshops.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Department of the Beautification Organization of Tehran, Kianoush Gharibpour, referring to the publication of Urban Graphics Workshop "Karzar" to invite graphic artists and illustrators to attend three-day workshops to interact with graphic art professors for creating Fantastic artworks on occasion of 1398 spring continued: Out of the 367 people who had sent their work and resume to the secretariat, a total of 61 were selected to attend the workshops.
Gharib Poor Said ; The artists will attend on 21 and 22 februry to specialized graphic urban design workshops with the presence of professors of Art field , create works related to spring subject .
The workshops will be held in Ein Al Dawleh Mansion.

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