By the Deputy of Planning and Development of Tehran Beautification Organization efforts

The statistical journal of 1396 was published by Tehran beautification organization

The first statistical journal of Tehran Beautification Organization was prepared, published and distributed by the Deputy Director of Planning and Development of this organization.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Tehran Beautification Organization, the Beautification organization, as one of the main promoters of the environmental improvement quality in the city's public spaces, has based its plans , decision ,programs, and up-to-date information on its agenda. hereof it has developed and published its own unique annual journal For the first time.
The yearbook consists of eight chapters in 152 statistical units counted from the functional areas of the organization including: urban furniture; cultural and commercial advertising; improving the quality of public spaces; urban arts; studies, publishing, education, communications and public relations; Festivals and events has been wrought .
Each of these items also has standard definitions, information tables, charts and maps for displaying and transmitting information to their contacts, and are also available and logged in the Municipal Statistics and Information System.

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