Selected Art Works of Nowrouz were introduced

The preliminary results of the 4th annual Urban Arts Festival call in Nowruz egg sector - Baharestan 1398, were announced


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, after publication of the "4th Annual Urban Arts Festival in Tehran-Baharestan 2018" on December 3 this year, the artists participated in professional and student groups call “Nowrouz Eggs”section .selected art works in total has been judged and reviewed on the basis of the "development of color and ideas and creation of new colorful experiences in urban landscape".
Innovative and communicative features of urban planning projects were reviewed by the jury and included 347 projects out of total of 3,027 drafts submitted by 1389 professional participants and 69 out of 69 artists among 497 entries in the student section were selected for Baharestan 98 Festival.
according to the Council of Art and Consultation, the best and more efficient work of the artist will be selected.
* In the general rules section of the general call , if any of artworks in any level of the event found to be fake , not only all the works of the participant from Baharestan 98 will be removed , but also it will be subject to other deprivations in other events an calls of Tehran beautification organization .

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