Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization:

The mayor of Tehran ordered to purchase Nima Yushij's house

Dr. Barzin Zarqami, announced the order of Tehran mayor to purchase Nima Youshig's house, he said: "considering purchase order of Nima Youshij's house, the expert works mission and negotiations with the owner of the building has been deposited to the municipality of first district .


According to the Public Relations Department of Tehran Beautification Organization , the managing director of the Tehran beautician , referring to Golpaygani's visit ( the deputy mayor of Tehran) and Kazemi's visit ( the mayor's general director of Tehran) of the property , added that: formerly buying Nima Yushij's house was not a serious concern but now،Tehran mayor has Strict command to buy the house as soon as possible.
Zarqami stated that Nima Yushij's house is located in the first district of tehran and is near the house of Jalal-e-Al-Ahmad. According to his statements, it was decided to buy this house before 98th Norouz's ceremony and be used in poetry , literature and culture.
According to zarqami's reports : there is no decision about the price of this property yet , and the price has been diagnosed by the experts supposed to be the basis for the purchase.

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