Barzin Zarghami, Managing Director of Tehran Beautification Organization

Rahahan square ; is an opportunity for social solidarity of ethnic groups

For many of us experience of Tehran started with railroad square ; it's not talked about yesterday and today. For decades, the railway line is the first image that people from cities near and far from the capital have in mind. It does not matter whether you are Azari or Lor, Turkman or Kurd ,from the great Khorasan land or Kerman and Balochistan, from the warm southern shores of the South, or evergreen north. You are the hero of Khuzestan people from Isfahan and Shiraz. wherever of iran you are from, the railway station is the first image we have from Tehran. Even the Azadi Square does not have this feature because it is the source of the entrance to the country's for half-western fellow countrymen, so this is the railway station that everyone goes from east and west, south and north, and Tehran starts for you from railway square.
Saying all these, the railway station, is not a "gravity" yet , and this should not be neglected, despite it has an ancient history and a heritage, and the tiny memories of every citizen of Tehran and other parts of the world. This huge capacity since the beginning of the new management of the city was proposed as a "chance" for authorities and executives , and these days we are approaching to the project "Development and enhancement of the spatial and social quality of urban areas" operational phase . This plan is not limited to the railway station and will include some other urban spaces, but the railway with unique features will undoubtedly be one of the focal points and operational points of the project.
I hope that with the intention of the Tehran City Administration in this regard, it will soon be possible to turn this "dream" into "reality" and, along with the attention to the important and neglected "pedestrian" in the city, the railway station as "the center of  clans and tribes’ gravity "

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