Member of Islamic Council of Tehran:

Urban designs and the removal of visual debris improve the city's face

Khalil Abadi said : removal visual debris project would improve the image of the city and said: "It is better to run this project in other areas and districts of Tehran as it did in enqelab street .


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, the Cultural and Social Commission of the Islamic Council of Tehran member; referring to the planning of urban management called the urban removal of visual waste in the city, stated: the project is currently being carried out by Tehran beautification organization.
He said: the removal of destroyed elements and improving the city's features in pathways and the collection of physical barriers, the removal of stores' nonstandard stores canopies, the removal of corrupted properties, removal of graffities and wall writing, miscellaneous elements and visual impairments is In the project's instructions and its features.
the member of the Cultural and Social of the Tehran City Council said: "This project should be run in all areas of Tehran immediately and in this regard we Should consult with relevant experts .

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