Cities are separated from their civilization/ There is no color-free world

Barzin Zarghami, the director of the beautification organization in Tehran, said: "Colors have different functions, but the important thing is the distance between cities and their own civilization and identity."


According to the Public Relations Department of the Tehran Beautification Organization ; Zarghami at the Color in the city Symposium said : one of the most important effects of the city is color and "We are looking for a new Ideas and designs in the future."
He pointed out that one of the most important aspects of urban life is color, he added: "We can not consider the world without color, there is no color-free world undoubtedly ."
According to Zarghami, researching cities' past , we see that each city has a color dominance which derived from the culture and civilization of cities, or based on their climate and nature.
Due to the effects of color properties , Specialists in various fields are looking for color development in the city, zarghami said : the colors in the historical and modern textures of the city should be well managed. We are looking for a perfect fit for color in Tehran.

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