Making furniture for the Rudaki zone is the Dayereh Khalagh Festival’s theme .

Yasser Jafari, Technical and Urban Designer deputy of Tehran's Beautification Organization, said: More than 300 works have already been sent to the first part of the Dayereyeh Khalagh Festival, of which 40 works are selected by judges as valuable works to be use.


According to the Public Relations Department of Tehran Beautification Organization , Jafari pointed to the 4th National Dayereh Khalagh Festival, saying: "There have been different approaches to the Dayereh Khalagh festival and theme of urban furniture in recent years, one of the most important of them was receiving different ideas in the field of physical and design. looking through different perspectives to Dayereh Khalagh Festival, this year, resulted in covering more facilities or items it's not just seen as a physical element and service provider.
According to Jafari's reports : this will lead us to a harmony in the city that will affect the visual literacy and mental peace of the people in the long term .

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