Increasing the satisfaction of environmental advertising in Tehran / We are looking for more interaction with domestic producers

Mojtaba Yazdani, Deputy of Urban Services of Tehran Municipality, visited 15th Exhibition and 16th Exhibition of Transportation and Urban Services .

he said: By establishing a committee on environmental advertising,Tehran Beautification Organization, has tried to increase the satisfaction of citizens comparing to the past.


According to the Public Relations Department of the Tehran Beautification Organization , On occasion of the 16th exhibition of urban services and public transportation Yazdani said: there are many new work in the field of urban services and Due to supporting of domestic production, we look for interacting with domestic producers.
He emphasized : Everyone looks the city as its own point of view , so that there are different expectancies the organization of beautification, through the establishment of a committee on monitoring environmental advertising, has tried to attract and increase citizens' satisfaction with the past.

Last modified on Monday, 07 January 2019 09:47

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