Baharestan is an opportunity for better understanding of Tehran / Tehran is a national symbol of Iran

Mohammad Javad Haghshenas, chairman of the cultural committee of the Islamic Council of Tehran, said: " We should devote a special dignity to the great people like Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi, and ... so that our next generations will be well acquainted with these great people."


According to the Public Relations Department of Tehran Beautification Organization : Haghshenas , stating that all artists are trying to make Tehran a more viable city, he said: "They make an opportunity for the citizens to enjoy their life more and make tourists to spend a memorable stay in the city .
 He added: Nowruz is one of the most valuable heritage of ancient Iran. The values that Nowruz brings can be considered for the bulk of the world today as one of the largest wealth .
According to this member of Tehran City Council': we have not yet succeeded in showing the concept of Nowruz, a national symbol of Iran, in a decent manner in the city.

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