Citizens of Tehran tend to flee Tehran / Tehran should be turned into a habitable city

The director of Tehran beautification organization at the evening meeting with the artists, said: we should invite artists of each region with regional calls to participate in beautifying projects for Nowruz 98 .


According to Tehran Beautification Organization’s Public Relations’ Records: Zarghami, referring to the artist’s activities in the city, said : all the activities have been done in the city so far have been based on the efforts of artists.
Zarghami reminded that we must provide different cultural and artistic opportunity for tourists and citizens who have been stayed in Tehran during Nowruz vacation . We must also create Artworks in the city which citizens can communicate with.
The director of Tehran beautification organization emphasized: "We must provide permanent Artwork’s places for artists , so that citizens can always use the works of art which created by the efforts of the artists .

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