Art works of the 6th Biennial's Urban Sculptures arbitrated

Countdown to bring new sculptures to the city

These works are waiting for the jury's final decision , and then they are ready to show all around the city


According to the Public Relations Department of the Beautification Organization of Tehran, judges and members of the Biennial Policy Council discussed the process of the event and also visited the works. At the beginning of this sincere meeting, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, the festival's assistant, reminded important points to the judges about the process of judgment . He said : in selecting the art works, pay attention to this fact which the works must ultimately have the ability to install in the city .
It was also announced : the jury is allowed to select a maximum 15 works , taking into account all the artistic and executive aspects of the works, in order to be capable of installing in real scale .
62 Art works is screening in this exhibition, in addition to the maquette and statement , included photos of construction's period as well as a picture of the imaginary location in the city. This made the jury to ,capture the main and overall picture of the sculptures .
Exhibition of Biennale of Tehran Urban Sculptures is on show until 4th of December in Saba Gallery on Brothers Mozafar Street .

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