Urban Sculptures Biennial Selection Council’s member declared:

Differences and significant successes have happened at the period of current biennial / presenting all procedure of idea and performances by participants .

Kambiz Sabri, a sculptor artist and member of the 6th Biennale of Urban Sculptures Selection Council, does not rule out the difference in holding the biennial, the process of growth and the changes that occur in each period, and believes that if there is a difference and significant success It is the result of planning, thinking and continuous activity.


According to Public Relations of the Beautification Organization, Kambiz Sabri, a sculptor artist and member of the 6th Biennale of Urban Sculptures, said that the adequacy of the people who are present in each term can be promising for Impressive events and outstanding results.
in each term, people work and manage the event with an intelligence and proficiency, but on the other hand, a city biennale will be held in a better and different quality, benefiting from the companionship of both institutions and individuals. I mean completely the economic, cultural, investment and ... economic sectors, in order to exploit our goal in this biennial.
The sculptor explained the process of mading the decision : We asked all participants to submit their project stages since the first spark and first design and final stages and completion to reach the volume they have provided to send us .

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