An Artist in the 6th Biennial of Urban Sculptures:

Locating of sculpture , require urban counseling / an art work inspired by Iranian architecture

"Sarah Rah Anjam," presents a sculpture of the boundary between blue and gray sky, "said in the 6th Biennial of Urban Sculptures:" When an artist designs a work for a specific time and place, he must be associated with the geographical, customs, and culture of the people. " Otherwise, it can not communicate with people.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Sarah Rah Anjam an artist whose work as ‘’the boundary between blue and gray sky ‘’ has been accepted on the 6th biennial of Tehran Urban Sculptures, is a graduate of the Sculpture and living in Tehran .
She said about her work: "This statue belongs to a collection that addresses the issue of the dark aspect of a person." The dark aspect of man is the part that judges others easily, and the white one, which is a little dimmer, tries not to judge others.
She continued : This statue is a model of two shelled domes of Iranian architecture . The young artist said about the locality of this work: a park is a suitable place to locate it .

In the end, the artist said: The model added to the city as a sculpture, depending on the type of design and location, can make the city chaotic or prepare a space for relaxing . My critique of the municipality is about the placement of the statue , it requires the architect and urban designer to reasonably find the appropriate place to ilocate the sculpture .

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