A present Artist at the 6th Biennial of Urban Sculptures

Urban sculptures can improve the level of visual literacy of citizens

Peiman Bakhshi ,who is presenting a sculpture as “the Blue fantasy” at the 6th Biennial of Urban Sculptures, said Municipalities taking hard on building, but they do not pay attention to their appearance and beauty, In this situation, only Tehran Beautification Organization can be effective, by installing various artwork all around the city, that way people's visual literacy will rise.


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, , an artist whose work has been accepted on the 6th biennial of Tehran Urban Sculptures, is a graduate of the Sculpture Department at Arak University of Art. Bakhshi has presented the project, saying: "refers his new work to his previouse one , which has been installed at “Bame Tehran ‘’ . These sculptures relate to human imagination about the blue sky.
He continued: The blue fantasy statue consists of two black iron cones, which a man sitting in it’s blue Inside space. In fact, the blue sky in this work is something that comes from the imaginations of mankind.
I know Tehran As I spend many Years of student life in this city , but Arak also has a similar situation to Tehran in terms of air pollution and crowd. Certainly, Creating of any Urban artwork can help stylize the city space.

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