General manager of visual Art’s bureau in the 6th Biennale of Tehran's urban sculptures

The privilege in the Biennale of Urban Sculptures: this makes it possible to see selected art works all around the city

Hadi Mozafari, (the Bureau of Visual Arts’ general manager), visited the Biennial.


According to Public Relations and International Affairs of the Tehran Beautification Organization, Hadi Mozafari, the Bureau of Visual Arts’ general manager, visited the 6th Biennale of Urban Sculptures, which opened on Friday at the site of the Saba Cultural Institute ; He expressed while he was visiting the works : The Biennale of Urban Sculptures is One of the most important and influential events in our country,The difference between this event and others is that the works will perform all around the city but other events do not have this feature.
He also said : In the field of urban sculptures we are not in high level , comparing to other cities in the world , there for We have to try hard in order to improve our capacity in art at a global level .

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