Location Council Alongside with Policy Making Council and the Selection of the Artworks

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs, Tehran Beautification Organization, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi, the cultural deputy of urban arts of Beautification Organization mentioned that “The Gallery as Big as a City” has billboards displaying no advice. He said: In this event, we intend to display the artworks without making any changes to them.

He emphasized that the Organization wants to use the great artists of the world and Iran, and he said: In the second period, Iranian artworks were 70% more qualified; however, the number of foreign artworks were higher.

According to the cultural deputy and urban arts of TBO, based on a survery, 95% of people from different age and with different occupations, welcomed this project.

Ebrahim Haghighi also pointed to some positive points of this project, and he said: The font size of the artworks IDs became larger, and no artworks were changed.

He mentioned that the artworks were selected by the policy making council eight months ago, and he said: Therefore, we did not know it is concurrent with sale. We did not use private galleries and museum artworks.

He pointed to the previous period and he said: In streets like Azadi and Enqelab, because of having no billboards or overpasses, we could only use bridge decks. That is why most of the billboards were used in highways.

Majid Rajabi Memar, the CEO of Khaneh Honarmandan, emphasized on forming location council alongside with policy making council and the selection of the artworks.

He mentioned that the selected artworks should make people happy, and he said: The suggested date for the third period is the 9th to 25th of November.

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