Maintaining the Historical Identity is Necessary

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, Darioush Asadzadeh, the experienced actor of theater and television, mentioned the repairing of Nasr Theater as one of his wishes, and he said: I have spent 40 years of my life in this theater, therefore, I am very happy that TBO owns this historical and beautiful place now and it is repairing it.

He also said: In fact, this place was a cinema before Seyyed Ali Khan Nasr’s presence, and it was oval. Later, this place was formed into a rectangle to contain more people and the balconies were eliminated. Years later, Nasr Theater was carpeted and decorated with mirrors. Its stage was prepared for better performances and it was turned into a more professional place for theater. As you know, this theater caught fire three times; however, because of the love for theater, it was repaired each time. In the last repairing, due to financial problems, the roof was turned into a gable roof and the audiences could not hear the actors/actresses properly; yet, I am happy to see this place existing now.

This actor mentioned that since this thears is located in Lalehzar, it still can attract audiences. He said: It is correct that Nast Theater is different from modern theaters now; therefore, its repairing should be done with care and patience and its historical identity should be maintained.

He finally said: I am very happy to see this place being repaired, because it made me sad to see it forgotten for years. Please inform me when the repairing job was done. It would be great pleasure for me to see this building revived. 

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