The Cultural and Political Situations Such as Mosques, Churches, or Embassies Were Considered in Locating Advertisement Structures

Amir Soghrati mentioned that all billboards are about to be located considering urban maps, their sizes, and their situations. He said: this is like a city museum, and choosing the places of each billboard should be the responsibility of different groups.

Soghrati said: all foreign designs were not located in the north of the city and religious designs were also displayed in this part of the city.

In this meeting, Zahra Nezhad Bahram talked about the purpose of holding the third period of “A Gallery as Big as a City”, and she said: this event is related to human beings and the selection of the artworks were related to the importance of human being.

She said: I believe that if this year we elaborate on displaying artworks on the subject of humans in the city, it would be more interesting.

Ghobad Shiva pointed to the fact that billboards should also be located in the parks and city squares, and he said: this event belongs to all types of people, and most of the people live in local areas and they do not go to highways very often.

According to Shiva, electronic billboards and buses can also be used instead of usual billboards.

Saeed Shahlapour said: people in local areas knew about this event in previous years and they have followed it with interest.

Shahlapour also said: on the occasion of the 40th year of revolution, this period can be devoted to the art of revolution.

Dr. Barzin Zarghami, mentioned that this event has been a successful event, and he said: each person evaluate this event based on his/her own knowledge, and he said: some criticisms belong to last two periods of this event some of them are one dimensional.

He also said: We have attempted to improve people’s taste in art.

Dr. Farzam said about holding this event: we should hold this gallery in the second half of the year to prevent from financial problems for advertisement companies. 

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