Beautification Organization Managers’ Activities Are Directly Related to Peace in the City

Dr. Barzin Zarghami, the CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, had a meeting with managers of 22 regions of Tehran City.

Based on the report of public relations and international affairs of Tehran Beautification Organization, at the beginning of this meeting the managers presented reports and problems of their own regions.

Dr. Barzin Zarghami mentioned that the place of managers in this organization should be honored, and he asked the managers in this meeting to present solutions for improving and promoting beautification in the city.

He said: TBO’s projects have been seen in the city, therefore, one of the ways of improving  managers’ place is to do projects in the best way in their regions.

The CEO of Tehran Beautification Organization, emphasized on the fact that the projects can be developed, and he said: The Beautification Organization managers’ activities are directly related to peace in the city. Therefore, I ask managers to take the projects and matters seriously.

Dr. Zarghami also mentioned that we need to save the city from visual chaos, and he said: I hope that the managers’ activities will improve cooperation and facilities.

Accoridng to Zarghami, the managers of the 22 regions of Tehran City must save the city from its current conditions.

At the end of this meeting, Dr. Zarghami suggested that meetings should be held every two weeks to discuss the matters.

It should be mentioned that at the end of this meeting, engineer Anoushfar presented reports and information about the elimination of visual appendages. 

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